The Department of Biology and Environment in the University of Haifa at Oranim comprises a unique group of research and teaching faculty and staff. The thirteen faculty members have diverse research interests and expertise, from molecular through organismal biology to ecosystem and landscape ecology. Research in the department is often synergistic in nature and benefits from the various interests of its members. Furthermore, department members have many fruitful collaborations with researchers both in Israel and abroad. Beyond research and teaching activities, many faculty members are actively engaged in natural resource conservation by serving in scientific advisory boards, conducting various outreach activities, and sharing their expertise with different NGO’s. As for its educational goals, the department is unique in Israel as it provides its undergraduate students with a comprehensive education in biology, combining hands-on experience in the field as well as in the laboratory. The department follows the tradition of Joshua Margolin, the pioneer of natural history studies in Israel, who stated that teaching should be held not only in the classroom but also in the field. Due to the personal nature of teaching and the extensive resources invested in the students, they graduate with excellent academic skills that enable them to join any graduate program in Israel and in the world, including medical and veterinary studies, as well as any other field of natural sciences.

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