Prof. Rachel Ben Shlomo

Associate Professor


My research interests are centered on the interaction between the environment and an organism’s genetic structure at both the gene and the genomic level. My research has two main foci: molecular population genetics and molecular chronobiology.

Academic Background

B.Sc. Biology, The Hebrew University

M.Sc. Biology, The Hebrew University

Ph.D. Biology, The Hebrew University


Selected publications

Ben-Shlomo, R. 2017. Invasiveness, chimerism and genetic diversity. Molecular Ecology, 26:6502–6509.

Gershberg, A., Ne’eman G. and Ben-Shlomo R. 2016. Genetic structure of a naturally regenerating post-fire seedling population: Pinus halepensis as a case study. Frontiers in Plant Science, 7: 549.

Rinkevich B., ShaishL., Douek J. and Ben-Shlomo R. 2016. Venturing in coral larval chimerism: a compact functional domain with fostered genotypic diversity. Scientific Reports, 6: 19493. 

Ben-Shlomo, R. 2014. Chronodisruption, cell cycle checkpoints and DNA repair. Indian Journal of Experimental Biology, 52: 399-403.

Helm B., Ben-Shlomo R., Sheriff M.J., Hut R.A., Foster R., Barnes B.M. and Dominoni D. 2013. Annual rhythms that underlie phenology: biological time-keeping meets environmental change. Chapter 5 for a theme issue Biological Clocks: When Science Meets Nature. Proceedings of the Royal Society B. 280: 1-10.


Genetics, Human Genetics, Population Genetics, Molecular Ecology

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