Prof. Uri Shanas

Associate Professor


Our group studies questions within the filed of behavior and reproductive behavior of mammals and reptiles related to conservation biology. Our key question is how man-made environmental changes affect the behavior and/or reproduction of animals, and how we can use our understanding of animal behavior to solve conservation issues

Academic Background

B.Sc. Life Sciences, Tel Aviv University

M.Sc. Zoology, Tel Aviv University

Ph.D. Zoology, Tel Aviv University

Selected publications

Shapira, I., Sultan, H. and Shanas, U. (2008). Agricultural farming alters predator-prey interactions in nearby natural habitats. Animal Conservation 11: 1-8.
Dorchin, A. and Shanas, U. (2013). Daphnia magna indicate severe toxicity of highway runoff. Journal of Environmental Quality 42: 1395-1401.
Wallach, A. D., Izhaki, I., Toms, J. D., Ripple, W. J., and Shanas, U. (2015). What is an apex predator? Oikos, 124(11): 1453-1461.
Keret, N., Välimäki, P., Mutanen, M., and Shanas, U. (2015). Large Roads Disrupt Insect Movement: A Case Study of the Spodoptera littoralis (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae). Journal of Insect Behavior, 28(5): 544-554.
Shanas, U., Gavish, Y., Bernheim, M., Mittler, S., Olek, Y., & Tal, A. (2017). Cascading ecological effects from local extirpation of an ecosystem engineer in the Arava desert. Canadian Journal of Zoology, 96(5): 466-472.


Zoogeography, Conservation Biology, Biodiversity field course, Ethiopia field course

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