Dr. Alon Silberbush


I am interested in chemical communication. Specifically, my research focuses on chemical signals affecting mosquito behavior and life history traits. Most of my research is done in the field, studying the effects of different combinations of chemical cues in water bodies on mosquito dispersal via oviposition.

Academic Background

B.Sc. Biology, Ben Gurion University

M.Sc. Biology, Ben Gurion University

Ph.D. Biology, The University of Haifa

Selected Publications

Silberbush, A., N. Gertler, O. Ovadia, Z. Abramsky, and I. Tsurim. 2019. Kairomone-induced changes in mosquito life history: effects across a food gradient. Aquatic Sciences 81 53.

Resetarits W J Jr and Silberbush A. 2016. Local contagion and regional compression: habitat selection drives spatially explicit, multi-scale dynamics of colonization in experimental metacommunities. Ecology Letters 19 191-200.

Silberbush A, Abramsky Z and Tsurim I. 2015 Effects of fish cues on mosquito larvae development. ACTA Tropica 150 196-199.

Silberbush A, Tsurim I, Rozen R, Ovadia O and Margalith Y. 2014. Species-specific non-physical interference competition among mosquito larvae. PLoS One 9 e88650.

Silberbush A and Blaustein L. 2011. Mosquito female quantify risk of predation to their progeny when selecting an oviposition site. Functional Ecology 25 1091-1095.

Silberbush A, Markman S, Lewinsohn E, Bar E, Cohen J E and Blaustein L. 2010. Predator-released hydrocarbons repel oviposition by a mosquito. Ecology Letters 13 1129-1138.


Habitat Selection, Experimental Ecology, Chemical Ecology

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